Subject Re: [IBO] Using IB_Grid
Author Marco Lauria
At 18.29 24/05/2001 +0800, you wrote:
> >>Good day!
> >>
> >>I'm using a TIB_Query and TIB_Grid. I have this sql statement below but I
> >>can't edit
> >>the dataset using IB_Grid.
> >>
> >You have to set the KEYRELATION to TABLE1 or TABLE2
> >depending on which table you want to edit
> >or you have to provide a valid
> >EDITSQL Statement.
>Yes you're right but the grid won't let me enter any values. It seems
>that the grid is readonly but I set the READONLY property of the
>grid to FALSE.
>Thank you for your prompt response.
If u try to edit it from the SQL Editor of the TQuery are u able to edit it?
Did u set the RequestLive property of the TQuery to TRUE?
Are your PreventEdititing set to false?