Subject AW: [IBO] IB Generators??
Author Kaputnik
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> Von: Daniel Bertin [mailto:daniel@...]
> thanks Helen,
> disp := datamodule1.IB_Connection1.Gen_ID(GEN_DISP_LEG_DISPNO,1);
> showmessage(inttostr(disp));
> disp = 2
> datamodule1.IBOtable1.fieldbyname('dispno').asinteger :=
> datamodule1.IB_Connection1.Gen_ID(GEN_DISP_LEG_DISPNO,1);
> does it update the generator counter automaticaly? like the next time
> is
> called (when another user does an insert) or another call like the
> above?
GEN_ID will increment the Generator exactly the amount given in the
call, in your case 1.
Generators are running outside of transactions and users, so a call for
GEN_ID will increment the Generator unrecoverable and intermittently
(and also not through a rollback).
Every other user calling GEN_ID will get an again incremented version.
Even if two users call GEN_ID for one generator at exactly the same time
will get two different values, as calls for GEN_ID are serialized in the

> thanks again for staightening this out for me.( and the delete
> also).
> Daniel