Subject Couldn't Insert a record when table empty
Author Dharma Prasandya
Hi Jason,

I noticed that I couldn't insert a record when table empty.
I use IBO 3.6Cf.
I try to assign :
TIB_Connection ---> Protocol = cplocal
TIB_Transaction ---> serverautocommit = true
isolation = ticommited
TIB_Query ---> as usual
TIB_DataSource ---> connect dataset to TIB_Query
TIB_Edit ---> as usual
TIB_UpdateBar ---> as usual
I click (+) from TIB_UpdateBar and record wouldn't come to insert
state and TIB_Edit wouldn't insert any char(freeze).
after I insert a record from IB_WISQL or any software IB manager this
is normally done. So this assumed by TIB_Query cannot insert a record
when table is empty, after a record or more TIB_Query could insert a
record or more as usually.

I don't know this mistake from my coding or it's a bug ?

Sorry for my poor english.

Best regards,
Dharma mailto:mydharma@...