Subject Re: [IBO] OT Delphi 3 Updates?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 21 May 2001, at 12:17, kjteng@... wrote:

> I am facing the similar problem. The local distributor told me that
> they had to order the 3.02 CD from US as they don't keep stocks.
> Several week later, I was informed that the CD is "no longer in
> production", IOW, the only thing I can do is UPGRADE. Any one could
> help as I am still using Delphi 3.0

Sure, upgrading Delphi isn't a big problem, just that I have to
replace the computer to run the newer version, which is a monumental
pain in the donkey. Then I have to make sure that all of the bits
and pieces in my other libraries work with the newer version. Then I
have to move everything from one to the other....

So here is a real question for the experts, is there anything in
release 2 that is dependant on something in release 1, or is it
lazyness on Borlands part, simply saying you need release 1 to run
release 2?


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Tricat Technologies
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