Subject RE: [IBO] OT Delphi 3 Updates?
Author Paul Schmidt
On 17 May 2001, at 20:19, Claudio Valderrama C. wrote:

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> > I use Delphi 3, and recently decided that I should see if there are
> > any patches or updates that I should have installed. There is a
> > maintenance release 2 for it, but it requires theat you have
> > maintenance release 1 installed first, but this is no longer
> > available from Borland.
> I never could get maintenance rel_1 from Borland. They NEVER posted it
> in the web. You had to call your local reseller and ask for a CD.
> Incredible, when I tried that, in my case, the local VAR sent me a
> full CD with Delphi 3.02 (that's the only version I still use) instead
> of a patch, so I had to perform the patch myself by brute force.

It seems kind of dumb, the post release 2, but not release 1 which is
required for release 2.... Sounds like something Microsoft wiuld


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