Subject Re: [IBO] Data source and auto insert Help
Yes requestLive is set to true. The inserts via the IB_edits all work
fine and the record is there after I close the form which closes the
query etc. But I get these error messages when I try to put data into
a field directly ie not via the datasource. This is the case even
when the data I try to put into the field is such as to match
the 'where' clause.

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> > I am feeling particularly dim!
> > I have a table with fields Namenum integer, Surname varchar(20),
> > Firstname varchar(12)
> > It is a newly created, empty, table.
> [...]
> > But I also want to put the 'namenum' in (which is the primary
> If this is the PK defined in IB, IBO should detect it.
> > If I say Namenum := 3 say then I get the error message 'Namenum
> > is Readonly'
> Did you set RequestLive to True?
> I also expect that the record could disappear once posted, since it
> meet the filter (the WHERE clause).
> Usually, with an empty dataset, when you type information, it's
> as an insertion. Have you tried
> dataset.insert;
> and then typing, just to see what happens?
> C.