Subject RE: [IBO] Field position
Author Nico Callewaert

I added 2 fields later to a table (financial fields), and there were
already some financial fields at the beginning of the table, so I've put
them together, otherwise it looks messy. Most of the time, I never do a
SELECT *, just the fields I really need to be transferred to the client....

Thanks, greetings,

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Verzonden: vrijdag 18 mei 2001 2:20
Onderwerp: RE: [IBO] Field position

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> Sent: MiƩrcoles 16 de Mayo de 2001 2:42
> Hi,
> I'm trying to change the position of a field with the
> following command :
> "alter table invoice alter coin position 5", but
> the position is not
> changing at all, I'm using Interbase 6. What could be wrong ?

Nico, why do you want to swap a field's position? Do you really want to
SELECT * FROM <table>
and get the new ordering?

Anyway, let me say that there's a mismatch between what docos say and what
IB does: this command is the only one that uses ZERO-BASED column
To be in sync with SQL, this position should be ONE-based. It was
by a person that maybe is in this list.


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