Subject RE: [IBO] Sweep
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
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> Sent: Miércoles 16 de Mayo de 2001 17:14
> >Interbase only returns file space to the OS if you do a backup
> and restore.

> That means sweep function doesn't works.

Do not take this as an offense, but it means only that you don't understand
what a sweep is what it's expected to do. This is not a flaw but as
designed. Getting rid of the internal garbage doesn't mean to return space
to the operating system. Almost all db engines work the same. It's much more
expensive to ask the file system for more space than to reuse internal
database structures with free space reserved at page creation time or due to
deleted records.
Also, IB/FB is not a traditional relational server in the way it operates.
Get a basic knowledge of it and avoid surprises later. I've explained basic
features at my site.

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