Subject Re: [IBO] Differnt Versions of IB
Author Rohit Gupta
Yes the customer will shoot you.... this is a microsoft generated problem
insisting that all libs be in a common directory.... totally ignoring
different version support requirements.

You will find that this why 3rd party lib providers will encode the version
# in the dpl name. The only other alternative is to put the dpls in the
same directory as the exe. I have a vague memory of some versions of win-xx
not checking the full path of the dlls and just relying on the basic name to
determine if a new copy should be loaded.

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Subject: [IBO] Differnt Versions of IB

> Here is a question that I kind of wonder about, maybe someone knows
> the answer:
> I write an application for customer A, using IBO V3.6.Cf, sending the
> customer a copy of IB_Objects.dpl, later as part of an update, I send
> the customer a copy of IB_Objects.dpl built using IBO V3.6.De,
> however the update did NOT involve rebuilding the executable.
> Will this work, or will the application shoot itself, hitting me in
> the foot in the process?
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