Subject New sub-release posted to all areas
Author Jason Wharton
5/16/2001 Sub-Release 3.6 Df

I found an additional problem with the TIBOBCDField for Delphi 3 and Delphi
4. It was not processing the buffer correctly and getting out of range
errors when reading values from the database. This was because it was
expecting the buffer to be a TBCD type and it was really a Currency type.

I fixed the problem with the TIB_NavigatorBar reporting a problem with
ValidateRows unsupported when using it with a TIB_Cursor component.

I fixed the IB_ActionPost and IB_ActionCancel actions so that they would
handle dssSearch mode properly.

When using cached updates the OnUpdateError event was not always being
triggered when an exception was raised. Now it is.

I fixed a problem that has to do with setting parameter values. In some
cases setting the parameter to null didn't cause the parameter to actually
pass the value of null. When calling the Clear method of a parameter it will
coerce the field type to be nullable automatically.

I fixed a problem that has to do with session management. It was not
correctly making sure all components on a data module were associated to the
TIB_Session component placed on that module with it first in the creation
order. This caused multi-threading or single threading apps to be operating
between two sessions (default and explicit) with unpredictable

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ