Subject Re: [IBO] {$I IBA_StringList.IMP } Error

thought of that situation and have done the following to date.

deleted all files in directory.
unzipped the ibojects 3.6D back in.
unzipped the D2 dcu files into the Directory also.
tried to compile

(got an error on IBA or IB_arraygrids why well i've had this error
everytime since i d/l ibo from ver 3.6Cf or e)

then i unzipped the update file Ibojects 3.6De into the directory

therefore if it was in one of the other files then i'd most surely
have unzipped it.

note if i comment out the line
{$I IBA_stringlist.imp } then the next one becomes the fatal error
(i know this 'cause i tried it).

for the extract of offending code see below.

snippet of code where error occurs.

Consts, FileCtrl, Registry, uRounding,
IB_Utils, IB_Parse, IB_Schema,
IBD_Login, IBD_CancelQuery;

{$I IBA_StringList.IMP }- line where fatal Error occurs
{$I IBA_Stream.IMP }- if commented out then this becomes
the Error
{$I IBA_Session.IMP }- I presume that this too would become
the error if the above was commented
{$I IBA_Component.IMP }
{$I IBA_SchemaCache.IMP }
{$I IBA_DMLCache.IMP }
{$I IBA_Connection.IMP }


--- In IBObjects@y..., "Geoff Worboys" <geoff@t...> wrote:
> > Downloaded a copy of Ibojects 3.6De, Unzipped it and recomipled
> > the componets.
> 3.6.De is a patch that goes over an existing 3.6.D installation.
> you copy of the patch over an existing installation? (Otherwise you
> will be missing all the files that did not change.)
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing