Subject Re: [IBO] TComboBoxEnh removed
Author Geoff Worboys
> that code shouldn't belong there simply because there are
> design time packages (particularly the one that contains
> the dsgnintf unit) that cannot be distributed,

I understand the reasons, but with simple registration calls there is
no linking with protected files - runtime packages work without
problems. You have to be doing interesting things with designtime
editors deriving from Delphi designtime classes to run into these
problems (at least in Delphi5 and before).

RegisterClasses, RegisterComponents etc are defined in Classes.pas -
try compiling ANY VCL application without that unit ;-) That is why
I have not been too concerned about leaving the simple registrations
where they were - at least until I have had a chance to setup a full

The only "damage" is that your executables get a few extra resources -
this may present a problem under Win9x with exes that already have
lots resources. The upside being that it makes it very easy to pick
and choose which components you actually want to use out of the

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing