Subject RE: [IBO] iBook.gdb - Getting Started with IB Objects
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:42 PM 14-05-01 +0200, you wrote:

>There are a lot of examples in 'Getting Started..' based on this database. I
>made the assumption, that it is a demo database for Getting Started.

No, I just used it for those visuals because it was a convenient way to demonstrate how those features worked together.

There is a little database for the remaining examples - a very simple one that changes its structure to demonstrate normalisation of the Color attribute of the products.

The sample projects for the examples in the GSG are still here on my HD, too. For the next update of the GSG (soon) I plan to package these up and make them available for download on the website. They are probably too simple to be useful as a learning aid. They were just done for the purpose of the walk-throughs in the book.

You don't need the database or the projects to use the GSG. There is virtually no added code in them - they were deliberately done almost entirely through setting properties and allowing the default methods to be called. All of the code I did write (three methods, I think) is actually there in the graphics.

The sample projects in the IBO installation will be more useful for developing technique.


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