Subject Re: [IBO] AutoLabel bug
Author Nando Dessena

> In the short term I can only suggest that you use an independant
> label. Try using TIB_Label and attaching the IB_EditEnh control to
> its FocusControl property. This will have it operate similar to
> AutoLabel - but it is not quite as dynamic, so you may need to
> invalidate the form if you prepare a dataset after the form becomes
> visible.

Thanks. That's exacly what I had done.
Just wanted to log the bug (there isn't anything like an interactive IBO
bug list, is there?).
Is posting to this list the preferred way to signal a potential bug?

> > Also, if Margin could be automatically set to 0 when albTop
> > is selected I think it would be a useful thing.
> I have always preferred to have the label aligned with the grid
> contents (where practical). The default margin of 3 seems to do this
> OK for both top and left labels.

Grid? What grid?

Anyway, I agree that one should derive personal versions of most
components for any serious application, just for the added flexibility
of it.
The fact is that I ain't currently doing anything serious- ;-)