Subject Re: [IBO] Virtual data in IBO?

Yes, I think we are both doing virtually identical things here, but
you seem to be able to get it to work! I have removed everything from
the KeyLinks again, but when I try to click on the grid to edit it, I
get the 'cannot create cursor with out a key' error. Any ideas why?
Also, it doesn't appear to be running the correct procedure when I
would expect the EditSQL to be called (i.e. altering a cell in the
grid). It looks like it is trying to execute the 'select' statement
on the SQL tab, rather than the EditSQL statement on the UpdateSQL
tab. Have I done something wrong somewhere (if I have, I'm not
surprised I can't get the bl@@dy thing to work!)


> The database where this form is stored is busy rebuilding at the
> moment (and will be for a few hours), so I cannot double check. But
> from memory I have keylinks blank and KeyLinksAutoDefine set to
> false - and FetchWholeRows = true.
> The stored procedure simply expects a bunch of parameters, what you
> with those parameters internally to generate an edit/insert is upto
> you - even generating the required values.
> In my situation, the select stored procedure actually returns values
> which will be used by the EditSQL (when passed as parameters) as the
> key data for the edit/insert/delete processing inside the edit
> procedure. Even so, I do not try to tell IBO that these are
> since IBO cannot use them in that manner.
> By executing a RefreshAll after posting any row, you cause IBO to
> reread all rows in the grid - getting to see what the EditSQL
> changed. Normally IBO would try to refresh only a single row (using
> the KeyLinks) but it cannot do this with a stored procedure (yet).
> Obviously this need to RefreshAll means that this approach is only
> practical for a small result set.
> Geoff Worboys
> Telesis Computing