Subject RE: [IBO] 'Not Implemented' error with IBO 3.6.D.d
Author Claudio Valderrama C.
This seems a bug for me. Probably TIB_Cursor should override ValidateRows
just to do nothing and so avoid the exception.
Jason, what do you think?
(I'm reading 400 pending mails, so the solution could have been posted
already 200 emails after this.)


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> From: Luiz Alves [mailto:cprmlao@...]
> Sent: Domingo 29 de Abril de 2001 21:29
> Jason,
> Using IBO 3_6_D_d and D4 C/S, when I use a sql cursor on 'Cursor tab' of
> the
> IB_WISQL, clicking in next arrow of navigation bar, I get an
> error of 'Not
> Implemented' and IB_WISQL can't more close. I have to use CTRL_ALT_DEL to
> kill it.
> In IBA_Dataset.IMP, I have into source code:
> function TIB_Dataset.ValidateRows( Start, Finish: longint ): boolean;
> begin
> // Abstract at this level.
> raise EIB_DatasetError.Create( 'Not implemented' );
> end;