Subject Re: [IBO] Transactions query
Author Manel Sánchez-Maulini
Thanks for the reply. Let me go a little be farther...
What it happens for a master - detail form where you have changed or
inserted the header and are working with the lines?
What is the isolation level that warranties the header and the lines
are protected until the user commits the transaction?
We have tested all the isolation levels with the standard behavior, no
code added, and we are not sure what the database is doing and if we
need to specifically lock the header for getting what we want. In
fact, that is what we did when we used the BDE.

Thanks again for your time,
Nice regards
Manel Sánchez Maulini

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> Once a record is modified it is protected from all other users
regardless of
> your isolation and other settings.
> Jason Wharton
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> Subject: [IBO] Transactions query
> We are dealing with the transactions issue in IBO.
> For a user interface and in order to keep locking all the changes
> a given user is making until he or she commits the transaction, What
> is it the best transaction level and related values ?
> Any help or clue will be welcome,
> thanks in advance.
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> Manel Sánchez Maulini
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