Subject Re: [IBO] Trustware vs. OS (was: Re: Open Source Marathon)
Hello Jason,

I have been watching and occasionally been playing with IBO for the
last 2 to 3 years now.

I just have one question as a developer.

With all the difference of opinions, licensing, variety of versions of
IBO 3.xx, bugs or trouble spots, fixed in future version IBO4.xx and
not in 3.xx, when do you feel that can I recommend IBO as a stable
solution to my clients and will I be able to code a client application
not having to worry about possible coding overhauls, everytime a new
version of IBO is released.

I love to see a stable version of IBO and it being 'my option' to bring
my code up to the next level of IBO, so I can focus on my own coding and
problems, and bring you some real money in your pocket :)

Even just a stable TIBODataSet only environment would do it for me.

Best Regards,