Subject RE: [IBO] Database Pooling and COM+/MTS
Author Francoeur, Michel
We made a pool connections for interbase (with IBO Objects) that runs under

COM+. It is made with Delphi 5 Entreprise). I will describe what were our

problems and what we did to solve them.

First of all, we are using an old verion of Interbase (4.0) on different

platform (aix, hpux) and there is a lot of triggers and stored procedures.

For the moment it is not possible for us to upgrade to a new version of

Interbase because of one of the tools we use (Cognos PowerHouse). We began

to create web applications in a 3-tiers architecture with Delphi.

One of the problem we encountered is that the first connection is always

slow, and when I say slow it is slow because the triggers have to be loaded

into memory. The pool connnections was the solution we found for that

problem. Once the connection is established, it stays up as long as the

com+ component is running.

One other thing we wanted to be able to do is managing the connections. We

wanted to be able to monitor connection, close one or many connections as we

want, etc. We need to be able to open connections on different servers and

on different databases on each server and with different users. We also

need to manage transactions.

The component is already develop (by us) and does everything I said. I say

it like it is a marvel, but it is not. It is not thread safe which we

believe is causing some intermittent problem we have. We don't know much

about implementing threads. The structure (objects model) does not seems

right especially for the use of transactions.

One thing we wanted to keep in mind doing that pool connections, is to be

able to use it with other databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server. If

the interface is well design it could be easy to do that.

We would be very interested to share information and learn from you. We are

ready to re-think our design and redo our component if it means making it

efficent, performant and stable. Stability, will be a very important for us

because the idea behing that is tha every applications (web and internal

applictions) we develop should pass by that component (if it is realistic).

Michel Franceur (B.Sc.A)

Project leader

Tél: (819) 762-0971 #2424

fax: (819) 797-4727

email: michel.francoeur@...

Christian Bellavance


Tél: (819) 595-3900 #1934

email: christian_bellavance@...

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De: Jason Wharton [mailto:jwharton@...]
Date: 7 mai, 2001 09:22
Objet: Re: [IBO] Database Pooling and COM+/MTS

I had some code contributed to me so that IBO would pool connections. I plan
to make it a standard feature of IBO v4 since it appeared to be rather
simple. I will probably make it a sub-class or design an interface for it.
I'm sure they wouldn't mind giving it to you as well. Hope they respond to
you soon. If not, I'll see about sending it to you privately.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ <>

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Subject: [IBO] Database Pooling and COM+/MTS

> Does IBObjects have a 'resource dispenser' for pooling DB connection
> in the context of a COM+/MTS Application ?
> Does anyone use IBO in COM+/MTS Application ?
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