Subject Re: [IBO] DMLCache
Author Helen Borrie
At 03:37 PM 06-05-01 +0000, you wrote:
>hi all,
>I tried to use DMLCache in my application.
>I run the Survey-Demo and it works after deleting the comment as
>described in the source.
>Then I make my own small program, based on the survey database.
>I take a IB_Grid,IB_Updatebar, a IB_Query with his own IB_Transaction
>Component and a Button to explicitly commit the Transaction.
>I start this program two times, the DMLCache works fine, but only when
>I commit. A Call of Post, Refresh or so before commit is ignored.
>My Question now can DMLCache synchronize tables between two or more
>applications while a Transaction is active and before this transaction
>is committed ?


No. DMLCaching in its cross-application scope uses events and triggers to write its data to the cache table. These are not spawned until the transaction commits.

By design, Interbase does not have a Dirty Read isolation level. It is impossible for transactions to see one another's uncommitted work. If your transaction uses Read Committed (tiCommitted) for its Isolation, it will see commits made by other users/applications/transactions after a Refresh.

>if so, what can I do to solve my promlem (special values of
>transaction-property's or so) ?

Can you provide some details of your problem? What do you mean by "special values of transaction properties?


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