Subject Re: [IBO] Open Source Marathon
Author Patrick O'Keeffe
> I think the key to an Open Source effort is not if something is GPL
> or MPL but NEED and management of the project. The myth of
> Open Source is that you as a developer can simply Open Source
> something, make the source-code available and just leave it
> around. Further, most projects have ONLY a few people working
> on them who know the code thoroughly, know eachother, work well
> together, and can communicate. This is important as new people
> are braught into the project who may not have as much know how
> as more senior members.
> The manager has to work act as a benevelant dictator, impose will
> and rules on programmers which facilitate work, deligate
> responsibility and follow up with the responsible person, and set
> priorities and timetimes.

I agree - I intend to fulfill this role at least in the short term.