Subject Re: Seeing deleted records with CachedUpdates
Author fxam
>> I enabled CachedUpdates in a IB_Query object and
>> I need to walk through deleted records.
>> IB Express has a UpdateRecordTypes property
>> that allows you to see deleted records. But I can't
>> find any equivalent stuff in IBO. Any ideas ?

> Do you know if there is an equivalent function/property in standard
> VCL TDataset, or is this function/property something peculiar to IBX?
Both TBDEDataSet and TIBCustomDataSet (in IBX) have a property called
UpdateRecordTypes, which you can set to enable showing of
deleted records, but I can't find an equivalent in IBO.

> I am also curious - why do you need to walk through deleted records?
> It seems to me that you dont really want the records deleted, only
> flagged/filtered in some way until you are ready for your walk
> through - and presumable final deletion.
> Geoff Worboys
I am doing an Inventory program, in its simplest form, it has three
tables: Item, ItemTr, ItemTrDet.
-Item keeps the item information and current balances.
-ItemTr(master) and ItemTrDet(detail) keeps the in and out activity
of the items.

I want to update the balances whenever the user changes ItemTrDet.
When the user insert some records that issue some items, the program
will reduce the balances for those items.
At a later time, if the user delete some records, the program
must increase the balance back for those items.

That's why I want to walk through deleted records, so that the program
can count the balances correctly.