Subject Re: [IBO] How much of IB client is actually needed?
Author Geoff Worboys
> 1) I am developing an application for a client, and plan
> to use IBO. I would rather avoid making the client install
> the IB Windows client on every machine, but would rather
> simply include the required files in my own installation
> program. We would both be using the same version of
> Firebird.

* Your App :-)

* gds32.dll - somewhere in the path or with your app
the default location in the system folder (system32 for nt).

* update the "services" file to include the entry
gdb_db 3050/tcp

* some form of name resolution for the server.
either DNS or an entry in the hosts file.

* the interbase.msg file

in theory you should be able to tell IB what message file to use and
where it is using the MessageFile property of the ib_connection. In
practice this does not seem to work. So you need to do one of two
- place the file in the default location
c:\program files\interbase corp\interbase
- put an entry in the registry to give the root path

RootDirectory: string = <path for interbase.msg>

Note: I expect that Firebird will eventually get around to using their
own registry path - I wish they already had - but for the moment it
uses the ib6 path shown above. The IB5 path is different.

> 2) Has anyone ever tried using Linux IPX support,
> on a IB server?

I agree with Helen, put this one to IB_Support.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing