Subject Re: [IBO] IBO change-over
Author Jason Wharton
If you are coming over from a more navigational model of application I
suggest that you catch the IBO4 BETA that I am striving to get released
soon. I recently have completed the TDataset interface with the desired
improvements for IBO4. I am earnestly striving to have IBO4 released into
production by June 1st.

In short the major changes can be summed up as local database (navigational
model) emulation so that your interfaces for desktop applications will
perform reasonably well even on a client/server database such as Firebird.
What this amounts to is integrating desktop type operations to map their
functionality to the server instead of pulling all the records to the
client. By doing this you take full advantage of the client/server
architecture and maintain the richness of functionality that the desktop
database model demands. One example is incremental searching. Another
example is the lookup combo box which relies upon the KeyLinks relationship,
which is a navigational mechanism.

I know this is a lot of work to support an application type that I will
probably never write an application for. I prefer applications that fully
use client/server mechanisms 100% but I recognize that there are thousands
of people with BDE applications that perform reasonably well and that people
are going to look to port them to InterBase. Only problem is, they will not
perform well without the emulation layer that I provide.

This will allow people to get a working application in InterBase quickly
that performs reasonably well. At that point then they can begin to revise
their application to be more compliant with the client/server mechanisms. To
have to jump the entire span with nothing workable in-between is just far to
difficult from a business/profitability perspective.

Hope this helps.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] IBO change-over

> Hi all,
> I'm converting a database, and C/S software D5,from BDE(progressODBC) to
> IBO.and firebird
> presently I have a datamodule with 2 wwdatasource, and 2 wwtables.
> in order to start of correctly ?
> I would use IB_connection, with ibotables and linked to wwdatasources.
> OR
> should I be doing it differently like adding a IBOdatabase and using
> ib_datasources(which would make my mods more difficult and involved) and
> using SQL components?
> basically i'm asking what is the correct way to setup a c/s software in
> order to use IBO and firebird most effficiently?
> thanks for all comments
> Daniel
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