Subject Re[2]: [IBO] IB_Date question
Author Pascal Amesland
Hello Geoff,

Saturday, April 28, 2001, 3:34:04 PM, you wrote:

>> Is it possible to have an IB_Date on a TIB_Grid like an
>> IB_LookupCombo ?

GW> I think it is supposed to automatically appear for date columns. That
GW> is date only, not datetime columns. Try specifying
GW> MyDateField=NOTIME
GW> in the columnattributes to tell IBO that the column does not contain
GW> time values.

GW> If you dont mind a date control with a different appearance, the one
GW> in the EnhComponents collection can be dropped onto IB_Grid for edit
GW> date and/or datetime columns.


GW> Geoff Worboys
GW> Telesis Computing

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Yes, but i got the following message since i installed 3.6Dd :

Exception ISC:335544334
Conversion error from string "12:20:10.0000"

When i post the record after having choosing a date.
Have you an idea, is due to locales (France) ?

Best regards,
Pascal mailto:p.amesland@...