Subject Re: [IBO] SessionProps / Colorchange
sorry, but would i ask if it works? ;-)
to define the colors only in sessionprops it is necessary to set a non-IB
Control (TEdit) like
Tedit.color := TIB_edit.color and exactly this will not work in the
StateChange event. The Colors of the controls are not set before StateChange
event is fired.
greetings Christian

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Subject: Re: [IBO] SessionProps / Colorchange

> > which event (query or datasource) is the right to set
> > non-IB Controls to the Color given by sessionprops?
> > ib_datasource.statechange comes to early.
> Too early? AFAICT the State property is updated before the
> statechange event is fired. So checking the dataset state in the
> StateChange event should yield the new state as required for color
> synchronisation.
> Geoff Worboys
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