Subject Re: [IBO] TIB_Query: after an insert, how to return to current record?
Author Jason Wharton
If IBO isn't staying on the record just inserted after the post then there
is something wrong with either your KeyLinks or your doing something in a
trigger that is confusing IBO. Check also your buffersynchroflags property.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] TIB_Query: after an insert, how to return to current record?

> IB 6.01, IBO 3.6Cf, C++B 5
> I have an updatable TIB_Query.
> Under some circumstances, I must insert a new record on it, but without
> loosing the position of current record.
> I make:
> TIB_Query1->Insert();
> TIB_Query1->FieldByName("FIELD1")->Value=some value;
> ...
> TIB_Query1->Post();
> and then, all my attempts are vain. I try to reassign
> TIB_Query1->RowNum=old_RowNum_value
> or
> TIB_Query1->BufferRowNum=old_BuffRowNum_value
> even
> TIB_Query1->KeyFieldByName("ID")->Value=old_value
> TIB_Query1->SeekKeyForBufferFields();
> but the data-aware controls on the form and the other TIB_Queries (which
> have a master-datail relation) remains referencing the new, inserted,
> record.
> Which is the right way to get this? I want to avoid wasting another
> component only for INSERT.
> Hugo.
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