Subject Re: [IBO]
Is it possible to plant some fancy looking downloadable tests (complete
installs, no source code), which show off IBO versus ODBC, IBX and
whatever else in speed and elegance. Speed seems to be question one.

Thus far this honor has been up to the soul who undertook to try IBO,
and may have given up doing so. It still takes a certain amount of
experience or maybe just guts to ask a question the world wide net.
(maybe you don't want to show your boss your ignorance. LOL)

Just a thought,


Jason Wharton wrote:
> Is there anyone on this list as a result of seeing advertisements for IBO?
> Have you noticed any ads for IBO and were they influential in your decision
> to check into using it?
> If so, please tell me where you have seen it.
> If you can think of a place you would like to see it, let me know also.
> It costs a lot of money to run advertisements and I sure don't want what
> little I get just going to pencil pushers that write little magazines with
> cute pictures in them.
> If you have seen IBO in something and don't tell me I am likely going to
> drop it by mistake. Right now I am mostly interested in knowing if I should
> continue advertising in my current areas.
> Thanks,
> Jason Wharton
> CPS - Mesa AZ