Subject Re: [IBO] TIBOQuery record was not located to update
Author Jason Wharton
You can see what is going on by using the SQL trace monitor.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Monday, April 23, 2001 5:53 AM
Subject: [IBO] TIBOQuery record was not located to update

> Hi,
> I am using a third party component set as agenda.
> The component set is PimFlash.
> Since PimFlash only recognises standard dbase components I am forced
> to use the TIBOQuery component.
> This seems to work, but if I add several (3-4) appointments in a row,
> I got the error 'Record was not located to update'.
> Since all reading and writing is done by the PimFlash components I
> have no way of knowing what is going on.
> Before I make contact with the guys at PimFlash, I wonder if someone
> out there knows what this error means, I did set requestlive to true
> and readonly to false.
> Is there anything else I can do ?
> regards
> Lee