Subject Re: [IBO] OT: Recommendations for a Report Builder for BCB and IBO
Author Daniel Rail
At 21/04/2001 06:32, you wrote:
>Hello IBOler,
>can anyone on this list recommend a good report builder for BCB5
>Prof.? I am using QuickReport 3.0.7 Professional but it is a badly
>supported product for BCB. I need a professional product which allows
>my endusers to generate their own report layouts and, of course, it
>must work with IBO.
>Please give me your opinions and, if possible, an URL for an
>evaluation version.

Take a look at Report Builder 5.5 at and also
take a look at QRDesign at I currently use QRDesign. QRDesign
uses QuickReports as it's report engine and has a very good end-user report
designer. QRDesign is less expensive than Report Builder. But, evaluate
your needs and try them both.

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