Subject Re: [IBO] Transaction question
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
Hi Nico!

I've heard that a good programmer is a lazy programmer. OAT management
becomes an issue if you have many users (I don't know how many, but far
more than I'm used to with my small programs) and long-running
transactions. I regularly take control over my transactions because I don't
want to commit for every record, but if you want to do that and have no
problems with the speed decreasing as time goes by since the last restart
of the server, don't worry too much about the OAT and follow Luiz
suggestion to use AutoCommit - that's very lazy.

If you have loads of users and need to take care of Commit/CommitRetaining,
I suggest that you use a timer rather than a counter. It is no problem to
insert thousands of records before doing a commit, but it may be a problem
to have your program running for a week (hour/day/month/year) without