Subject Transaction question
Author Nico Callewaert
Hi List,

There is one thing not so clear yet for me. If I do a edit, a post, and a
commitretaining, then the record is comitted to the server, but the current
transaction remains active, right ? Then when I do another edit and post,
is it the same transaction, or another transaction will be started on the
server ?
Because I have a user who is working on data the half of the day
(registration), edits, inserts.... I was planning to use a counter, let's
say the first 19 posts -> commitretaining, after 20 posts, a commit instead
of a commitretaining, and then reopening the dataset again, and so on. Am
I exagerating transactions or I shouldn't care about commitretaining the
whole time, as long as my user is editing data, and then when he closes the
form a commit ?

Thank you in advance

Nico Callewaert