Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author Lucas Franzen
Paul Schmidt schrieb:

> IBO also has a much lower pain-in-the-donkey factor. The BDE needs
> to have the ODBC driver installed, then BDE, then you need to monkey
> with the registry to configure both. Where as IBO only needs the
> runtime package included with your software's installation program,
> which is installing a bunch of Delphi runtime packages anyway.


nice summary, if not a flame vs. the BDE :-).

But you don't need ODBC for the BDE. For Interbase it's just SQLLinks.
But you're right that it's almost impossible to do a proper install of
these automatically.

And for the app: you don't even have to use runtimes packages, if you
compile them into your app (IBO makes increases the size about 800kB I
think) you don't have to worry about bpl-Versions any longer (something
I do prefer, so I won't have to twiddle around with errors caused by
outdated packages).

Just deliver your exe, that's it. If it's getting too big, there are
some good packing programs out there.