Subject Re: [IBO] IBO speed vs BDE?
Author Daniel Rail
What's your current database under BDE?

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 17/04/2001 18:43, you wrote:
>I'm in the middle of a project which has been using BDE access for all
>queries, updates, etc and we need to look at ways of improving
>performance. We have a number of instances where a cascading query is
>made on the record set (about 40K records now, but could grow in the
>next few years to several hundred thousand), i.e. keep querying a
>parent_id of a record to create a tree view or listing.
>Recently worked on a portion of the code that goes through the file to
>do this and to do all 35K items, it took 5-10 minutes, depending what
>other applications were using memory. My experience has been with Visual
>FoxPro which would easily be 100x faster than this.
>Does anyone have experience in comparing a IBO vs a BDE access speeds to
>give me a broad idea of what kind of speed increases we can get by
>replacing the BDE components with IBO?
>Chuck Belanger
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