Subject Re: [IBO] Crash
> hour or so, but I am only getting a couple a day - usually late
afternoon -
> when I lose 10 to 15 remote sites. I just handle that and 'reset'
> connection. With IB5.6 that was enough to require a shutdown every
other day
> - unless it hit at the wrong time - when I got 100Mb growth in 30
minutes (
> on 5Mb of data ) and had to bring the system down fast to restore
> Since Xmas that site has only been restored a couple of times for
> reasons, running IB6, IBO - 24/7.

Referring the main problem on our site IB5.6 abnormal termination
several times during rush days. (up to 5 times in 8 hours).
We have shutting down IB server every nigth for reset connections.
usually before crash in ib log we can find two errors in same
timestamp (error type varies). Do i have move IB6 or even change
server type. But if i have to let go IBO im gonna change bisnes...

Im still think the problem is the metaframe/winframe servers
something to do with connection pooling perhaps...

Or how can i monitoring IB server that i could found some
clues for problem..

Mikko Nieminen
VVO asunnot Oy