Subject Re: [IBO] prevent Rowchange in Grid while state <>dssbrowse
Author Geoff Worboys

> It would also be very easy to implement with the
> OnGetCanScroll event already being isolated for use in
> just this manner.

There are two main points...

1. Using OnGetCanScroll still results in edit/insert being posted. It
was for this problem that I suggested this "fix" (back in September);

in the TIB_Dataset.MoveBy procedure
if Prepared then
CurRow := RowNum;
// CheckBrowseMode; <-- Comment out this line!
Inc( JumpRecs, CurRow - RowNum );

2. Using OnGetCanScroll, or BeforeScroll etc does not prevent the
reordering that will occur when a user clicks on a grid title. Which
was why Christian found it necessary to put an abort in the grid mouse
up handler.

I would suggest that the requirement to turn off the auto-post
facilities of IBO is relatively common. So it would seem appropriate
to provide an easy mechanism to disable this feature.

Geoff Worboys
Telesis Computing