Subject Re: [IBO] Crash
> ISDN isn't dialed, it's connected, same as DSL and Cable, it's pretty
> much point to point to the CO and then from there, many phone
> companies run everything that isn't already digital trhough an ADAC,
> and along fibre anyway.

European ISDN is dial on demand, permanent connections are available, but
cost mega bucks. WHEN we get ADSL(DSL) we will have a permanent connection (
I'm promised that some time next year - if I am close enough to the exchang -
but they can't test that until they install the head end! ). ADSL contention
will then be the problem - currently packets are dropped ( or rather time out
) at peak times because there is insufficient capacity.

Frame Relay provides a permanent ISDN type connection to the 'cloud', but
while it is supposed to provide PVC's, these can also time out when a heavy
load is encountered.

In all cases, some means of reseting the Interbase connection is required to
maintain operation. I believe this is the area that Jason has been working on
for IBO4.

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services