Subject Re: [IBO] ReadOnly and CanModify properties
Author Harald Klomann
Harald Klomann wrote:
> Laurent GILBERT wrote:
> >
> > Hi Harald,
> >
> > Ok !!! It seems to work with standard DB components and some IP
> > components (TwwDateTimePicker) but not with IP navigator tool bar.
> > The CanModify is always true...
> >
> > Do you now why this property is true in my case ?
> >
> > Laurent.
> Sorry, I dont know the IP components.
> Harald

CanModify property is on the DataSet level, it is true when your
dataset is updateable and the conditions are so, the from the view
of the internal structures, the dataset could be modifyed.

AutoEdit (on datasource level), tells whether the dataset is going into
edit mode automatically, if the user try´s to enter values in the db-aware

If the user uses a navigator tool bar to enter edit mode, is has nothing to do
with AutoEdit. If you don´t want, the user to be able to go in editMode, you have
to disable the edit button on this control. How you do this in IP navigator bar,
I don´t know.