Subject RE: [IBO] Delphi script component working with > 64k
Author Helen Borrie
At 02:30 PM 10-04-01 -0300, you wrote:
>I've modified my app to break the sql scrips files to work with TIB_Script.
>But this is causing loss of performance, because I need to process many sql
>script files daily. Other problem is the blob records not supported by

It seems scripting isn't the most satisfactory method you could employ to transfer your data. If not for the blobs, external files would be a good option.

A data pump seems the logical choice here, either the BDE datapump tool that comes with Delphi or a custom one you write yourself, or a combination.

The technique I used with the pdox2ib tool was to set up a BDE connection to the Paradox database and a native IBO one for parsing and storing the data.

Another approach might be to use the Delphi datapump to pump the external data into a BDE-supported version of IB and then use the TIB_Datapump to move them over to your IB6 database.

If you don't object to employing the BDE to read your source data and would like to look at the source code of pdox2ib, please contact me privately.


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