Subject Re: [IBO] How to avoid lookup table from fetching all records ?
Author Marc Leclerc

I have a few clue that support this problem. The app I am working on uses a
fairly large dataset as lookup ( a company list ) and the edit form that
used the lookup was taking several seconds (oven a 56K modem) to load
displaying a "Fetching Query Result" message. Every properties mentionned
here were all set properly. I have since changed the input (TIB_Lookup...)
to an edit field + button that brings a search form and have cut down 20
seconds. Of course I could't see all that on my systeme here as the server
sits on the same computer so speed isn't an issue and as far as wondering if
the CB was filled, well unless the 56K modem can throw all fields to fill
the box in the time required to drag a scroll bar...


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Subject: Re: [IBO] How to avoid lookup table from fetching all records ?

> > They are false already. If I set KeySeeking to False It doesn't fetch
> > records, and the lookup doesn't work too...
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> Geraldo,
> are you shure, that all records of the lookup dataset are fetched ?
> Normally, by opening the main dataset, a bunch of records are fetched
> from the server, depending on your settings. For each of this records,
> there will be a fetch to the lookup table - but only, if the record
> to be fetched doesn´t exist in the buffer. So please check, how many
> records exist in your lookup table and how many of the are fetched
> after opening the main dataset.
> Harald
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