Subject Re: [IBO] Temporal, editable field on a TIB_Grid
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:16 AM 10-04-01 +0200, you wrote:
>I want to show a Grid with Products List (Description & Prize). I would add
>a blank column, tittled "Quantity", where the user/customer fills only those
>that he wants to purchase (like a shopping template).
>Then, I will find which products have quantity>0, and I will insert only
>these on a DETAIL_ORDER table (I seek to make it by means of
>But, I can't create a COMPUTED/Calculated field because it isn't editable. I
>just need a "virtual", temporal field on the client-side, that I can discard
>once I have made my INSERTs.
>Please, seek advice on some approach.

How about a stringgrid to display the Values an editable TStringList which has a blank string for each row in the dataset, made up of your keylinks column value and the quantity in the format KeylinkValue='' (i.e. empty string).

When you are ready to construct your INSERT, match up each selected row with the Name[s] item a test/convert the quantity. You can set up the stringgrid and dock it so that it just looks like another column of the ib_grid.


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