Subject Re: [IBO] FW: Uppercase
Author Helen Borrie
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>Verzonden: dinsdag 27 maart 2001 8:28
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>Onderwerp: Uppercase
>My customer can enter upper and lowercase characters in a field. When I
>order and search in that field IBO sorts this field : first the uppercase
>and then the lowercase and so he can't search right.
>I flagged already the 'case insensitive' in the columnattributes.
>What do I wrong ?

There is more to it than this. You need to define an indexed uppercase "proxy" column in your table to store the uppercase form of the values from the column on which you wish to have a case-insensitive search. Enter the name of this proxy column in the associated field of the CASE INSENSITIVE ColumnAttribute (this field is labelled "Upper Case Equivalent".

Populate this database column automatically by firing BEFORE INSERT and BEFORE UPDATE triggers.


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