Subject Re: [IBO] How to increase performance (a lot of Queries used)
Author Jason Wharton
Start the SQL trace monitor and see which ones are eating up the time. If
there isn't something in the SQL trace monitor that makes it obvious I would
like more information.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 6:11 AM
Subject: [IBO] How to increase performance (a lot of Queries used)

> C++Builder 5, IBO 3.6Cf, station Win98, server Win2K
> I have a form, and I make a lot of "QueryActions" in OnActivateForm Event;
> exactly the following:
> 1 TIB_StoredProcedure->Prepare
> 6 TIB_Query->Prepare
> 4 TIB_Query->Open
> 2 TIBO_Query->Prepare
> All together takes 10 seconds. The IB_Connection was already open. I would
> like to improve this retard...
> Can someone give me a guideline, some advices, about how to increase
> performance on this ? (only on IBO side, not hardware, not LAN)
> I guess TIB_Query->AutoFetchFirst, TIB_Query->GetServerDefaults, could be
> important... or not?
> Which properties are decisive, what it suits to avoid, etc.
> Thanks in advance,
> Hugo.