Subject Re: [IBO] 3.6D Problem
Author Jason Wharton
This is due to BCD fields. There was a fix posted on the list for that.
Apply it and you should be fine. I'll be posting a sub-release soon to fix

Since the simple change to make TIBOBCDField descend from TBCDField instead
of TNumericField is the cause of this (thanks to quick reports) another very
quick workaround you can do if you are not using EditMask with QR is to make
it descend from TNumericField again. Look in IBDataset.pas and you will see
where it does this.

I am working on a fix that is once and for all.

Jason Wharton
CPS - Mesa AZ

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Subject: [IBO] 3.6D Problem

> Use 3.6Cg on ReportBuilder 5.55 all work fine , but if
> use 3.6D , on DADE Preview Record , on each Numeric Column
> AV will be occurs