Subject Re: [IBO] 3.6D Problem
Author Daniel Rail

If ReportBuilder uses the TIBOTable and TIBOQuery component, yes it will
give this error. I had the same problem, but not with ReportBuilder. I
sent the changes that I made to IBO source to Jason.

Daniel Rail
Senior System Engineer
ACCRA Med Software Inc. (

At 03/04/2001 09:17, you wrote:
> > Use 3.6Cg on ReportBuilder 5.55 all work fine , but if
> > use 3.6D , on DADE Preview Record , on each Numeric Column
> > AV will be occurs
>If you can get this problem to occur at runtime perhaps you could post
>the callstack for the problem. It may give us some idea where to look
>for the problem.
>Geoff Worboys
>Telesis Computing
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