Subject RE: Helen [IBO] Foreign Key
Author Nico Callewaert
Sorry Helen, I didn't see the mail, thanks a lot, but one more question
then. The main reason I was planning to use foreign keys was to be sure
that the data entered was correct. For example payment conditions. With
that foreign key I would be sure that when I enter the payment condition in
the customers table, that the value entered would reference the primary key
in the payment conditions table. And when a user would attempt to delete a
record in the payment conditions table, that is used in the customers table,
he will receive a error.
Now I accomplish all of this in triggers. Before there is a record entered
in the customers table, I have a pre-insert trigger that checks if the
payment condition is valid, and for the payment conditions table, I have a
before delete trigger with a IF (EXISTS.... statement to check if that
condition is used in the customers table. Is that a good thing then ?

Thanks, Nico
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Van: Helen Borrie [mailto:helebor@...]
Verzonden: dinsdag 3 april 2001 14:29
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] Foreign Key

At 10:47 AM 03-04-01 +0200, you wrote:
> I know this is not the right group to ask, but I posted this
message twice
>in the ib-support list, no one answered.

Wrong, I answered in great detail.

>Maybe it's a dummy question,
>anyway, not everybody can be a "master", so if no one mind, I would like
>ask this here. Maybe someone can answer me privately ? I have a
>table, and normally I could define 6 foreign keys to that table :
>language, coin, payment conditions.... Those fields are referencing
>in other tables. Should I define those 6 foreign keys ? Or could I
>a performance problem after that ??

No, don't define them formally as Foreign keys. You will get 6
relationships with low selectivity indexes and it will kill performance.

Only use the FOREIGN constraint for master-detail or parent-child (tree)
relationships. Hand-code the cascade triggers for lookup relationships
such as those you mention.

Don't put single-column indices on those columns, either. Create
composite indices for them, each consisting of the lookup key and the
primary key (in that order).

>Is foreign keys a good thing to use ?

Foreign keys are good to use for many master-detail and parent-child
relationships and for intersection tables; and evil to use for lookup


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