Subject RE: [IBO] Unprepare question
Author Nico Callewaert

In case I put the queries in the form itself, is a seperate
transaction better for every form then, or is 1 transaction in a datamodule
enough ?

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Van: Svein Erling Tysvar [mailto:svein.erling.tysvaer@...]
Verzonden: dinsdag 3 april 2001 10:32
Onderwerp: Re: [IBO] Unprepare question


> I'm just wondering when is the right time to unprepare a query ?
Whenever your program doesn't expect to need it any more.

>At the end of your application ?
Then it happens automatically

>Every time a form is closing ?
if you set "Action:=caFree" in your OnClose procedure and have your query
on the form rather than in a data module, this will happen automatically.

>Because I guess when a query stays prepared, it takes resources on the
server side??
Does it? The server has to prepare the statement, but once prepared I
thought it would only consume workstation resources (unless your programs
run on the server, of course). Any comments from the masters of IBO?


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