Subject Re: [IBO] DataModule question
> How do you find Navigator 6, I heard it was just as buggy as ... naw
> could any browser be as buggy as Internet Exploder?

Sorry Paul - now I've spotted the third Nescape 6 bug.

3/ <Reply> does not use the Reply to: address, so I have sent two eMails
direct to Paul.

I've had a go switching back, but I loose a block of eMails because N6
and N4.76 are just not compatible so now I am stuffed.

To reiterate the other two problems, both with eMail.

1/ You can no longer select a group of files in the attach pop-up, you
have to select them one at a time. ( I regularly have a set of files to
send to customers and am used to <Ctrl> working )

2/ You can't get attachments from anywhere other than the local machine.
A real bummer since my master file set is on the server, and 4.76 had no

Still it did not cause any problems when the virus eMails were thrown at it!

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services