Subject RE: [IBO] Boolean IB_Grid is 3 stare value (null allowed)
Author Kaputnik
My normal setup for booleans is to set them NOT NULL....IBO finds this out
and sets this field to required. You can also set the columns attributes
manually to required.

The three-state comes from the architecture of SQL. A value can be either
set, or it can be NULL. And IBO represents NULL with a grayed out checkbox.
So, if oyu want tow states instead of three, think about NULLS, and how to
eliminate them

CU, Kaputnik
(Nick Josipovic)

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> Subject: [IBO] Boolean IB_Grid is 3 stare value (null allowed)
> Hi, I've a domani defined as follow:
> CHECK ((VALUE IN ('S', 'N')));
> And I use it for boolean fields. I've set the connection
> "ColumnAttributes" to SINOTYPE=BOOLEAN=S,N and the FieldEntryTypes
> fetDomainName to true (fetSQLtype is False).
> In the IB_Grid the field is correctly managed by a checkbox, but it
> supports a 3 state value (true, false and null (grayed)).
> How can I have a 2 state behaviour?
> Thanks
> Marco Menardi
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