Subject Re: [IBO] DataModule question
Author Paul Little
Well, I use a datamodule beacuse quite a few of my program units which
have db access are non-visual (i.e. no associated form). I started off
putting the components on the forms I did have but that soon got very
messy and a datamodule seemed to be a much better idea and now I know
where all my db components are!


Hey, this is the first time I have posted an answer on this list. Do I
get a badge? ;-)

Nico Callewaert wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it better to have all IB_Query, IB_StoredProc, IB_DataSource, etc, etc
> .... together in a DataModule ? That's the way I'm doing it now. Is it
> a bad practice to have query components / datasources on forms ? Or is
> that a dirty way of programming ?
> Thanks,
> Nico Callewaert
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